About Us

Mary Ross

Mary is the owner of Mary's Naturals. Mary was the manager at Clinical Nutrition in Cline Medical Centre for over 18 years, where she worked in conjunction with Dr. John C. Cline (M.D., B.Sc.,  IFMCP), nurse practitioner Carrie Ingrisano (MS, FNP, IFMCP), and Dr. Peter Brawn (M.Sc, DDS) to provide patients with the  highest quality natural health products. 

When Cline Medical Centre and Clinical Nutrition closed in 2017, many patients reached out to Mary in the hope she would still be able to help them. She is very happy that she is now able to provide counselling and quality products to old and new patients alike.

Functional Medicine

 We have teamed up with Marigold Functional Medicine in Nanaimo to help patients take control of their health and wellness. Carrie Ingrisano is a nurse practitioner who focuses on Functional Medicine. Carrie had her own practice in Chicago, and moved to Nanaimo to work with Dr. John Cline at the Cline Medical Centre. When the clinic closed, Carrie opened her own practice here in Nanaimo. New patients can contact Marigold Functional Medicine for more info about their services.

"Love the range of products (food, supplements, and beauty), and the personalized help and counselling that Mary gives. Always the best quality, and I love that there are so many professional grade lines available here."

–Jenn H.

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